High-intensity workouts to chisel and tone your best body with a trifecta of creative intervals. You’ll HIIT hard while having the time of your life.



2 and 3-Station Workouts
Treadmill drills, weight & resistance training and boxing work together to deliver a trifecta of creative intervals

State-of-the-art Equipment
Technogym Skillrun Treadmills designed for professional athletes, Aqua punching bags, and a theatre-quality light and sound system set the stage

Chisel & Tone
Efficiency, adaptability and inspiration strike the perfect balance to build your best body. Get lifted up while breaking down mental and physical barriers.

5 Class Styles
Options for every body to get moving. Go 3 rounds, hit the slow jams, work together to achieve goals, build your best assets or get lifted to the beat.


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Low Intensity


Medium IntensityMedium Intensity


High IntensityHigh IntensityHigh Intensity


  • Box HIIT

    High IntensityHigh IntensityHigh Intensity

    HIIT the treadmill, boxing bag and weights as you get strong and shredded from top to bottom in this signature 3-station, conditioning, and definition-building class. The beats will be bumping and the sweat will be dripping - your ticket to full-body transformation.

  • Booty HIIT

    Medium IntensityMedium Intensity

    Grow, shape and strengthen one of the body’s biggest assets by grinding it out on the treadmill, weights, and resistance bands. Focus on form and technique to maximize every move. Get it right. Get it tight.

  • Core HIIT

    Medium IntensityMedium Intensity

    Tone, shred and strengthen your core as you engage your abdominal muscles through treadmill, resistance band, and dumbbell stations. A strong, stable center will improve your balance, stability and improve the quality of your overall movement practice.

  • Top HIIT

    Medium IntensityMedium Intensity

    Your one-stop shop for sculpted abs, back, shoulders, and arms. Move through three stations of dumbbell, resistance band, and treadmill work that's expertly programmed to tone, shred, and strengthen everything above the belt. The ultimate 360 upper body workout.

  • Lift HIIT

    High IntensityHigh IntensityHigh Intensity

    Get stronger and leaner with purpose and precision in this full-body-shredding weight-lifting sweat session. This strength class has a highly coached environment to take your physique and fitness to new heights.

  • Pilates HIIT

    Medium IntensityMedium Intensity

    Level up your Pilates practice: Slow down to raise the heat using treadmills, weights, and resistance bands in this full-body, lower impact workout that brings Pilates principles and movements to the HIIT Studio. With an emphasis on slow, controlled movements and longer holds to turn up the burn, you’ll get those muscles shaking, challenge your limits, and build strength, stamina and long, lean muscles. Slow, steady, and extra spicy.

  • Triple Sweat

    High IntensityHigh IntensityHigh Intensity

    For the ultimate workout warrior, utilize all 3 studios in one 90-minute class. You’ll spend 30 minutes in each studio alongside fellow sweat addicts for a full-body, well-balanced and limit-pushing workout.

  • Double Sweat

    High IntensityHigh IntensityHigh Intensity

    Two studios are better than one in this 60-minute class that incorporates Ride & HIIT in one dynamic full-body workout. Start in the Ride Studio where the music will guide you on a journey to challenge your endurance, build speed, and improve cardiovascular health. Then take it up to the HIIT Studio to use dumbbells, resistance bands, and treadmills to focus on core and upper body strength. Two times the sweat in 60 minutes - this is what we call the Power Hour.

  • Abs & Assets HIIT

    Medium IntensityMedium Intensity

    Fire up your glutes and core as you move through high intensity intervals that utilize heavy weights, resistance bands, and conditioning on the treadmill to tone, sculpt, and turn up the burn in all the right places.

  • Athletic HIIT

    High IntensityHigh IntensityHigh Intensity

    Tap into your inner athlete. This class uses the REACT methodology to condition, build strength and endurance, and increase agility and coordination through fun and challenging drills, explosive movements, tempo-based exercises, and intense cardio. Open to all levels.

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