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Sweat Etiquette

Be present
We all love a good selfie and sweating with our besties, but it’s important to be present during class. Phones, conversations, doing your own personal workouts and going in and out of class can be unsafe and distracting for others. Class time is precious time, and magic happens when we all move together.

Be kind
Show care and respect for your fellow Sweat Fam, and treat others the way you want to be treated. Lift each other up to ensure both team members and community members are respected, valued, safe, and supported. All love, no hate.

Be clean
Practice good personal hygiene. Be considerate of those around you, and help keep our shared space in tip top shape for all to enjoy.

Be on time
Out of respect and safety for your fellow classmates and the instructor, classes start on time and latecomers are not permitted. Arrive with enough time to store your belongings and get ready for class. Your studio time is a gift to yourself – make time for you!

Location & hours

What are your hours?
Monday – Thursday: 5:45 AM – 10 PM
Friday: 5:45 AM – 9 PM
Saturday: 7 AM – 7:30 PM
Sunday: 7:45 AM – 9 PM

Where are you located?
225 Yonge Street, at the northeast corner of Yonge & Shuter

Do you have dedicated parking?
We don’t have dedicated parking; however, there are lots of public parking and transit options nearby. We’re just across the street from the Queen St. stop and from the Eaton Centre parking garage. There is also a Green P parking garage at Dundas Square and Victoria St, as well as more parking options on Victoria St.

Class credits & memberships

How many credits does a class or service cost?

1 credit

What services and offerings do credits cover?
Credits cover all group fitness classes, sauna sessions, Somadome Meditation Pod sessions, and one-on-one consultations with an instructor utilizing an InBody assessment tool. Additional products and services are available for purchase with credit card, including massages & wellness services, retail, café and bar items.

Can I use my credits to book classes or services for other people?
Absolutely – the more the merrier! You can use class credits to book classes for a guest, and Unlimited members can use guest credits.
As with all class reservations, our standard 12-hour no-show / late cancellation policy also applies to guest reservations. If your guest does not show up for class you booked for them, your account is subject to the no-show penalty as per our studio policy.

Do credits expire?
Credits expire 6 months after purchase.

If I’m on a monthly membership, can I put my account on hold?
Yes, you can request one (1) membership freeze up to 14 days for every 6 months of membership, up to a maximum of two (2) membership freezes in a 12-month period, beginning the first date of your membership. Your membership start date is the date you signed up for a membership. This does not include involuntary freezes, such as studio closures. In the case of an injury, you can request to freeze your membership for the duration of the injury with a doctor’s note. In the case of pregnancy, you can request to freeze your membership for the duration of your pregnancy with a doctor’s note up to 12 months. You must provide a minimum of three (3) days’ notice to ensure your account is not automatically charged. Please contact us at hello@sweatandtonic.com to put your account on hold.

Do you offer a student discount?
We don’t offer a student discount; however, we do have a Sweat Equity program that exchanges part-time employment for club credits. If you’re interested in learning more, please send an introduction to hello@sweatandtonic.com.

Do you offer corporate rates or private bookings?
Yes, we offer corporate memberships that start with a minimum registration of 10 employees. To inquire, please reach out to us at hello@sweatandtonic.com.

How do I create an account / update my account information?
You can create an account and update your information online or in the S&T app. One account is permitted per customer. For more information, visit our Terms & Conditions.


Classes & studio policies

It’s my first visit! What do I need to know?
Welcome – we can’t wait to meet you!  Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your first class so we can give you a full tour of the space, get you familiar with the studio(s) you’ll be in, and make sure you’re all set to get your sweat on! During peak studio times, our team would be happy to provide a tour after class or at any other time at your convenience. All you’ll need to bring is workout clothes, running shoes, and a water bottle, and we’ll do the rest! We also sell everything except shoes in our retail shop, in case you forget something. We provide lockers to your store your belongings (please use only one locker per guest).

Do I have to book online in advance, or can I just show up?
Booking online is recommended to ensure you secure a spot in class, but walk-ins are welcome, provided there are spots available in the class!

What time do I need to show up for class?
If it’s your first visit, please arrive 30 minutes prior to class. If it’s not your first visit, please arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before class to make sure you’re all set for doors to open. If you are not checked in before your class start time, your spot will be opened up to guests on the waitlist.

If I arrive late, can I still take a class?
Out of respect and safety for your fellow classmates and instructors, classes start on time. Doors will open 5 minutes prior to your class start time, and will remain open for 2 minutes after the class starts. Once the studio doors close, any other latecomers will not be allowed in. We are firm with this policy because opening the studio door once it’s been closed disturbs the flow of the class, and also puts guests who are stationed next to the door at risk of injury. Classes also begin with an introduction, including proper form and technique, that is required to be successful in the class. If you arrive late for your class, we would be happy to find a spot for you in the next class, if there are available spots. Your studio time is a gift to yourself – make time for you!

What’s your cancellation policy?
You must cancel class at least 12 hours in advance or you will lose a credit. For Unlimited and 9 to 5 Sweat memberships, you will be charged an $18 fee for no shows and $15 for any late cancellations (effective October 8, 2022). This includes switching time slots under the 12-hour notice time period. This is to prevent spots from being booked up and unattended in classes that otherwise would have been available for another guest to book, and to give those who are on the waitlists for our most popular classes a chance to get a spot in class. If you are unable to make it to class, we encourage you to cancel at least 12 hours in advance to avoid any charges, and so that your spot can be made available to another fellow Sweat Fam member. To cancel your booking, please access your account online or in our app. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at hello@sweatandtonic.com or 647-372-0225.

What’s your refund policy?
We do not allow refunds and do not accept refund requests for price adjustments.

How does the waitlist work?
Our waitlist is designed to move quickly and ensures that guests who want to take a class will have the best chance of getting into that class. As soon as a spot opens up, you will be automatically enrolled on a first come, first served basis, up to 10 minutes before class start time. If you do not wish or intend to take the class, we encourage you to remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid automatic enrolment and a penalty should you no longer be able to make it. You can remove yourself from the waitlist at anytime without penalty. Once you are enrolled, our standard no-show / late cancellation policy will apply. Removing yourself from the waitlist will allow other guests who are on the waitlist and able to make it to class the chance to get in. Expect waitlists to move quickly – if you can’t make it to class within 10 minutes of being notified, we recommend that you remove yourself from the waitlist.

How does express check-in for Unlimited members work?
Express check-in is available for Unlimited members who are not checking in with a guest, and do not have any account inquiries or special requests. When you arrive at S&T for your HIIT or Yoga class, you can head straight to the studio to check in with our team member who will be situated by the studio doors. Express check-in opens 10 minutes before class start time. We still recommend arriving and checking in early to ensure you’re all ready for class!

What is HIIT?
HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, is a form of interval training that combines cardiovascular exercise with alternating short periods of intense strength training. At S&T, we use 2 and 3-station training: treadmills, weight & resistance stations, and boxing stations. Explore all of our different HIIT class styles here.

Small Group Training refund and cancellation policy: Cancellations are not permitted for Small Group Training. Upon registering, you pay for the program in full. If you are unable to attend or miss a session, you will not be refunded for the session.

Self check-in


How does self check-in work?
You can check yourself in for Yoga, HIIT & Ride classes, as well as Sauna and Somadome sessions on the S&T app. Self check-in opens 30 minutes before your class start time, and closes 5 minutes before the class starts. For example, if your class starts at 12 PM, self check-in on the app will open at 11:30 AM, and close at 11:55 AM. After the window closes, you’ll need to check in for class at the front desk.

How do I use self check-in?
Open your S&T app to view your upcoming reservations. If you are at S&T and within the self check-in window, you’ll see a ‘Check In’ button for the class you’re attending. You must have location access enabled on your phone, and be physically present within the S&T facility in order for self check-in to work.
For HIIT, Yoga, Sauna, and Somadome, once you’ve checked in, you can head straight to the studio / room. If you’re checking yourself in for a Ride class, please stop by the front desk to pick up your Ride shoes. As always, feel free to stop by the front desk if you have any questions or need assistance.

Who can use self check-in?
Self check-in is available to all customers who have booked classes with the S&T app or online, with the exception of first-time customers and accounts with unsigned waivers. If you’ve booked a class through ClassPass, please check in at the front desk.

Can I still check in at the front desk?
Yes – feel free to head to our front desk if you prefer to be checked in by a human and greeted with a smile! If you have any account inquiries, our front desk team will still be available to help.

Is express check-in in front of the HIIT and Yoga studios still available for Unlimited members?
Yes – Unlimited members can still head straight to the HIIT and Yoga studios for express check-in with one of our team members.

Please note:
Our standard no show and late cancellation policies still apply. We always recommend arriving for class early so that you have plenty of time to get ready. Yoga and HIIT studio doors open 5 minutes before class start time, and Ride Studio doors open 10 minutes before class start time. Once you’ve checked yourself in, make sure to head to the correct spot number you’ve booked! Be considerate of your Sweat Fam – misuse of the self check-in feature will result in immediate suspension of your account while account history and activity are being audited. Repeated violation of check-in policies will result in the termination of your account.

Services & facilities

Do you have showers? Do I need to bring my own towel?

We’ve got it all – showers, towel service, toiletries, hair dryers, and other bathroom accessories.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat, boxing gloves, or cycling shoes?
No, we provide all of those for you at no additional cost. All you have to do is show up and get ready to sweat.

What is an ‘XL’ bike in the Ride studio?
Bikes in our Ride studio marked ‘XL’ are suitable for taller riders (height between 160 and 210 cm). XL bikes are equipped with a slightly more extended handlebar, which can be more comfortable to perform upper body movements for taller guests.

Will I be the only one in the sauna?
Yes, and you can bring your friends! The small sauna fits up to two people, and the large sauna fits up to four people. It’s up to you how much space you want!

What should I wear in the sauna?
You’re welcome to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Common attire includes: swimwear, underwear, and athletic wear. Towels are provided.

Is Tonic House always available to use?
For the majority of the time, Tonic House is a lounge and workspace available to Unlimited members only by access card. Tonic House is also a space to host community and private events. These events will be posted outside of Tonic House and on our social channels. To book a private event at Tonic House, please email hello@sweatandtonic.com.

There is a $10 deposit for Tonic House access cards. If you cancel your membership, you will need to return your card to receive your deposit back.
If you lose your access card or are an existing Unlimited member who did not originally leave a deposit, you are subject to a $10 charge for unreturned cards upon membership cancellation. Replacement fee for lost cards is $10.

Do you accept cash?
No, we are a cashless and mostly paperless facility.

Can I purchase items from nutbar and Tonic Bar even if I don’t work out here?
Absolutely – the more the merrier. Come on in!

Are you hiring?
You can check our careers page to view all current job openings. We are always open to accepting applications for all positions, even if we don’t currently have open spots. Please send an introduction and a bit about what you’re looking for to hello@sweatandtonic.com.

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