We maximize opportunities to sweat by running over 150 classes across three studios each week. Expert instructors design and lead classes, ensuring you get it right and tight. Each studio utilizes state-of-the-art equipment, sound systems and lighting to create an immersive experience. Whether you’re a beginner or an athlete, we’ve got what you need.

We’ll be running over 150 classes per week across 3 studios. Check out a few of them here:



The Anthem: Lose yourself in the music & lights and let the beat be your guide as you work up a sweat in this high-energy, full-body ride.

Power Ride: A goal-setting, metrics-driven ride that challenges you to beat your personal best and motivates you to hang in until the end.

Drills & Thrills: Challenge your endurance, build core strength and improve cardiovascular health with this ride that has you flying through a series of hills, drills and sprints.

Hot Ride (hot studio): Turn the sweat up a notch with this ride in a heated studio. You’ll work to the rhythm of the music to build endurance and strength while achieving a deeper level of detox benefits.



Hip Hop Sweat Flow (hot): Have fun and get a workout in this sweaty vinyasa flow set to hip hop beats with an essential oil massage in savasana.

Slay & Stretch (warm): This 30-30 combo gives you a heat-building vinyasa flow followed by a deep stretching sequence and essential oil massage, leaving you feeling energized and rejuvenated.

Yoga HIIT (hot): A powerhouse class for those who like their workout with a side of yoga, this full-body high-intensity workout will get your muscles fired up toned and then lengthened.

Yin & Chill (non-heated): Let your body relax as you hold poses for three to five minutes to increase flexibility, range of motion and stimulate circulation - topped off with an essential oil massage in savasana to enhance recovery.

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3-D: Get stronger, leaner and increase definition as you blast through plateaus with this innovative class that takes you through three station rotations: running, boxing and weight-lifting.

Slow Burn: Slow down to raise the heat in this full body circuit that combines user-powered treadmills, pilates and floor work with weights and resistance bands.

Pro HIIT: Face yourself in a class designed for athletes — power through a series of athletic performance tests, including military-style strength and cardio, on our state-of-the-art Technogym equipment.

Dance HIIT Out: HIIT the floor in this class that combines intervals of choreographed dance movements with calisthenics and weight lifting to build a lean, toned dance physique.



For the ultimate weekend warrior, utilize all 3 studios in one 90 minute class. You’ll spend 30 minutes in each studio alongside fellow sweat addicts for a full-body, well-balanced and limit-pushing workout.


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