Ongoing Efforts Regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

At Sweat and Tonic, our first and foremost concern is keeping our team and community healthy, safe, and informed. In light of coronavirus, we are temporarily closed beginning March 16th, 2020 (5:30am). 

As we plan for reopening, we want to acknowledge the difficulty and severity of the situation we have all been facing together. Our hearts go out to the families and communities around the world who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are sincerely grateful to everyone on the front lines of this crisis for the courageous work they are doing to keep us all protected. To this end, we are thankful to confirm that no one on the S&T team has reported contracting this disease. While our doors have been closed for the past few weeks, we have been working hard to create a plan for reopening once we are allowed to do so. In March, we informed you of our 4-Phase Risk Mitigation Plan and, while we are still in Phase 4: Closure, we have been thinking ahead to next steps for Phase 5: Re-emergence. 

As always, our first and foremost concern is the safety of our community and team, and this has been top of mind during our planning process. Through our offer to provide front line health workers complimentary access to our virtual channels, almost 1,000 have been able to stay active with S&T and we feel honoured to have them as part of our community. As part of our research for designing a health and safety framework, we asked this team for advice and best practices. We were humbled to have over 100 individuals contribute, and their input will be invaluable in setting the highest standard of safety. Our goal is to comply with the baseline requirements set by the Ontario Ministry of Health and then improve upon this by taking best-in-class examples from countries that have had early emergence as well as recommendations from an advisory panel of qualified health professionals in Toronto. Sweat and Tonic has been a home away from home to so many of you, and we intend to retain this sentiment as we build a new norm.



  • Closure of all offerings and facilities: classes, spa services (facials and massages), meditation pod, nutbar cafe, Tonic House, events.
  • All memberships have been put on hold as of March 16th. The expiration date of credit packs have been extended.
  • All in-studio bookings beyond March 15th have been canceled and credits returned to accounts.
  • Virtual classes have been introduced for guests to access online: Sweat Live, Sweat On Demand, and Instagram Live Classes
  • Planning for reopening









  • Maintain 50% capacity to evaluate need for dividers in classes
  • Increase capacity in Tonic House to 30 people
  • Change rooms gradually reopening to a max of 10 people at a time and locker spacing will still be in effect
  • Seating in nutbar area now available
  • 6ft distancing still required according to government guidelines
  • Continue with heightened safety and hygiene procedures
  • Continue to monitor news, updates, and recommendations from government and health officials, as well as our own healthcare professionals panel
  • Receive feedback from guests to evaluate the experience
  • Continue to keep guests informed with communications
  • Reduction of IG live classes and Sweat Live Zoom classes; introduction of live streaming from the Ride studio and further scaling for Sweat On Demand for guest convenience



  • In this final stage, we will reopen all spa services and saunas
  • Class size back to capacity
  • Locker spacing removed
  • Disposable masks and gloves no longer supplied
  • Temperature checks and health checks no longer required
  • Planning for a celebration for our 1 year anniversary on November 16th!
  • Target 250+ videos hosted on Sweat On Demand