For years, boutique fitness studios have been the new black. From Barry’s Bootcamp and Lagree Studios to SoulCycle and F45, these smaller, niche—and often luxury—fitness brands have been popping up everywhere, and inspiring cult-like followings of loyal exercisers.

Well, there’s a new kid on the block delivering all of your health and fitness needs, literally under one roof.

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8 New Places In Toronto You And Your BFF Need To Visit To Start 2020 Off Right

Stop by Sweat and Tonic for a workout, spa service, or even a drink. This unique new concept fitness centre has everything you need for a fun day out with a friend.

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The Top 5 Fitness and Workout Trends for 2020

Toronto’s recently opened Sweat and Tonic—a three-storey fitness emporium equipped with boxing, spinning and yoga studios, as well a communal workspace and bar—also offers 20-minute meditation sessions in a state-of-the-art relaxation pod.

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Unveiled in 2019, Yonge Street’s Sweat and Tonic is a complete wellness destination. A stunning and refined multi-level facility designed for both sweat and social, you’ll find a HIIT, yoga, and cycle studio, as well as two community lounges, a nutbar cafe, a cocktail bar, a members-only social and work space, meditation pods, infrared saunas, and fully-stocked locker rooms. What more could you ask for?

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Toronto’s Newest Gym Bar Lets You Sip Cocktails After Your Workout

If you’re into working out and indulging in the occasional beverage, then this Toronto gym might be the spot for you. The city just got a new facility that is the ultimate place to live your healthiest life. Sweat and Tonic in Toronto offers a unique gym experience, where you can workout and sip on some delicious cocktails all in the same location.

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Sweat and Tonic

Sweat and Tonic is a three-storey wellness space that combines three workout studios, a co-working space, a cafe, and spa under one roof.

The 16,000-square-foot space, located on the corner of Yonge and Shuter, was three years in the making and incorporates all of Toronto’s fitness addictions: yoga, meditation, spin, and HIIT boxing.

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So, you’ve finally found the sweatiest HIIT class, the most zen yoga flow, and powerhouse cycle studio. There are so many places in Toronto offering top-quality workouts, it’s not hard to do.

The problem comes in when you’re spending your precious time running all around the city just to get to your favourite sweat spots while trying to balance a healthy social life to boot. But, that’s all about to change.

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Unique Fitness Concept ‘Sweat and Tonic’ Opens in Downtown Toronto

A newly launched boutique fitness concept has officially opened in downtown Toronto. Located at 225 Yonge Street, on the corner of Yonge and Shuter, Sweat & Tonic is the city’s newest hotspot for fitness enthusiasts at a time when other concepts are also expanding in the city.

Encompassing 16,000 square feet in a historic three-storey facility steps from the CF Toronto Eaton Centre – North America’s busiest mall – Sweat & Tonic positions itself as a state-of-the-art, world-class boutique fitness and wellness hub.

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Inside Sweat and Tonic, a new boutique fitness club with a cocktail lounge and a meditation pod

David Ingram, CEO of financial services company Goeasy, is a fitness zealot. His ideal workout is a combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT), spin and yoga, which meant he often found himself jumping around town between his favourite workouts. So he decided to bring all his favourite studios and trainers together. His new studio, Sweat and Tonic, is a millennial twist on the old-fashioned racquet club, with several boutique fitness trends—hot yoga, HIIT workouts, box fit and spinning—under the same roof, as well as super-food café, a meditation pod, cocktail lounge and co-working spaces. Here’s a peek inside.

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If you have a gym membership, you probably feel guilty for wanting to try different classes. That’s why Sweat and Tonic needs to be on your fitness hit list. This new space just opened across from the CF Toronto Eaton Centre and it features a spin studio, hot room, and a HIIT room. S&T offers more than just fitness classes, too. Visit the Nutbar cafe for a snack or post-workout smoothie and even indulge in some self-care at the spa for a massage!

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This One-Stop Wellness Hotspot in Toronto Tends to All Your Feel-Good Needs

Picture this: A place where you can run, box, weight-train, spin, and do yoga, all under one roof, and also have a healthy bite to eat, get a facial, engage in a private meditation session, hang out with friends, shoot off a few emails, and get ready après-sweat for wherever else your day may take you (should there be any more time left in your day). What you should be picturing is Sweat and Tonic, Toronto’s new (and first) wellness hub.

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Multipurpose Workout Spaces

Sweat and Tonic creates a specialized fitness experience that welcomes the highest quality of wellness in one space. Members are able to challenge themselves in mental and physical ways while also playing a part in building a sense of a community that grows together.

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7 Toronto Fitness Classes That Got Me Out Of My Workout Slump

With all the hype around Sweat and Tonic, I couldn’t pass up this one on my grand tour of Toronto gyms. I mean, they have meditation pods, Consonant facials, and a Nut Bar in the lobby! And the class didn’t disappoint either.

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6 Toronto Gyms With Free Classes You Can Take Without Leaving Your Room

With many gyms across the city shutting their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be hard to get in a workout. However, Toronto gyms are now coming together to offer online workouts for those who still want to stay active during these difficult times.

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Toronto gyms are taking their classes online to help you stay fit

Gyms in Toronto have closed their doors due to the state of emergency brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, but some have decided to move their classes online and some are even offering group classes through Zoom. If you want to get your heart rate up and get your sweat on, you’ll want to check out some of the dynamic workouts being offered virtually.

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10 Toronto Fitness Studios Offering Free Workouts You Can Do From Home

If you’re someone who lives for their workouts at the gym, then odds are you’re probably chomping at the bit for not only a good sweat sesh, but contact with the world outside your home. Not only will working out from home keep you in shape, but it’ll give you something other than COVID-19 to think about. Plus, it’s a great way to connect with friends because you can FaceTime and do a workout together — brilliant, right? Due to all of the gyms being closed right now, many have stepped up and are offering live classes and free workouts.

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These Canadian gyms are offering free workouts on Instagram, Facebook and more

Countless businesses, including gyms, trainers, fitness centres and community centres, have been affected by COVID-19. With physical exercise being something to improve our health and immunity, it is important not to totally neglect it.

Thankfully, there are many Canadian gyms, influencers and training facilities using Facebook, Instagram and other apps to offer free virtual fitness classes during these times of change. The sessions are great for keeping the entire family active and sharing a bonding experience among all participants.

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At-Home Workouts You Can Stream From Our Fave Canadian Studios

Luckily, some of my favourite fitness studios across Canada are now streaming at-home workouts. And the majority of them are doing it for free, despite having to close their gyms and studios and lose weeks worth of business to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Great Workouts You Can do From Home During The Coronavirus Shutdown

Gyms and Fitness studios in Toronto were among the first places to close their doors to the public due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) shutdown. Amidst raised health concerns across the globe, it was the responsible thing to do. Now what? It can be hard to change up your routine of going to your favourite gym or workout class. As more and more businesses continue to shut down, we’re seeing people start to adapt well using social media. Creativity is really coming out and it’s great to see all the pro-active actions people are taking to adopt #SocialDistancing.

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Stressed? Anxious? Worried? You are certainly not alone (well, you are, but only physically!) We are all united by the internet right now, and many service providers and businesses are coming through to support us online – you definitely do not need to sacrifice your daily workout because you’re social distancing. Now is the time to prioritize movement and releasing pent up stress, and you can get in your daily dose of movement from your living room, thanks to the local gyms / yoga and pilates studios who are offering online classes during this time.

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10 Canadian Fitness Studios Offering Free Streaming Workout Classes

Although local studios have shut down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many are dedicated to bringing the fitness community together by offering free at-home workouts via social media.

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6 Canadian Gyms That Are Offering Free Online Fitness Classes While They’re Closed

Through social media, gyms and fitness centres have been offering instruction and workouts to anyone across the country, and there are a number of them that are doing this for free. You don’t even have to have a membership to participate.

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Toronto gyms are now offering free online classes on Instagram

On Sunday, yoga studios and gyms began shutting down operations temporarily in an effort to reduce the risk to the public.

As quickly as they closed their doors, many gyms and meditation studios pivoted to offering online videos on Instagram Live and IGTV as a way to leverage their platforms for social good, and connect with their local community.

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How Will Fitness Studios Operate During Covid-19?

Although fitness studios and gyms were some of the first businesses to close their doors amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry was quick to pivot to online services through offering at-home streaming workouts.

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Discovery Series: Roundtable and office tour with Daily Hive Vancouver

How fitness studios in Toronto are planning to reopen during the pandemic era

As more Ontario retail stores reopen, and the province continues Stage One of its framework to get the economy back on track, gyms, and fitness studios are still awaiting their green light.

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This is how yoga studios in Toronto are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic

Most gyms in Toronto have chosen to close temporarily in response to COVID-19 and yoga studios are starting to follow suit.  Following an exponential increase of coronavirus cases across Toronto in the last few days, some of the hottest and sweatiest spaces in the city have announced their closures.

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Here’s how gyms in Ontario are preparing to reopen

As Ontario slowly lets certain businesses start to reopen, gyms are trying to figure out what changes they’re going to need to make when it’s their turn so that customers and staff are safe. However, it’s been challenging for them to come up with concrete plans, as there have been no official guidelines released.

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Press — PlansMatter

Virtual yoga: tone up and peek inside some of the world’s most striking yoga studios

Wellness centres have closed their doors due to COVID-19 but many are adapting quickly to a locked-down society by offering virtual yoga classes. Those struggling with long days sitting on the couch can get their daily exercise via digital yoga, pilates and meditation classes – and see inside some spectacular studios around the globe at the same time.

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D'FYNE Fitness Magazine | D'FYNE Fitness Magazine

Gym Day: What to expect when we can finally return to gums as the cities reopen

Around the world, businesses are starting to reopen in phases, including fitness centres and many of us, unmotivated by at-home workouts, are eager to work out at a gym again.

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