Sydney Strimas

Comparison is the thief of joy. Everyone is on their own path so enjoy where you are at that moment - we all get there eventually.




Teaching Style

Fun, sweaty and energizing! I love to mix up my music and keep you guessing. I focus on curating a balanced class of hills, sprints, jogs and choreo. My aim is to have you laughing, sweating, and feeling strong.

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • Bachelor of Commerce from Dalhousie 2019
  • Cyclebar Spin certification 2019
  • CASI Level 1 snowboard instructor 2015
Currently on repeat

Uproar – Lil Wayne (always a go-to)

What to expect in my class

Some good music, some hard pushes, and a couple laughs along the way. I know this is hard and everyone is on a different journey. I just want to have you sweating, smashing your goals, and smiling through the pain.

How I got into fitness

I played sports growing up and once I hit university and those sports ended, I had to find another way to move. That’s when I started to dip into group fitness and haven’t stopped since. I went from riding in the back row WAY off beat to now leading classes at Sweat & Tonic – we all start somewhere!

Favourite way to sweat

I am open to anything: boxing, ride, Pilates, yoga, or a good walk outside. Anything that leaves me feeling better than when I started.

Fun fact

I performed at Massey Hall when I was younger (it was middle school choir, my singing career started and ended there).

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