Rory Bray

Expect to be challenged, to be guided right to your edge and to feel the elation that comes with pushing those boundaries.







Teaching Style

I’m really interested in the balance between freedom that comes with movement and the challenge of intentional and deliberate engagement. I love crafting thoughtful sequences that allow you space to be curious about your body and mind.

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • In addition to teaching yoga and Pilates for the past eight years, I have led various workshops and trainings within various CYA certified programs, in corporate wellness and independently.
  • Aside from teaching full time, I am currently studying to become a registered dietician.
Currently on repeat

Motivation by Normani

What to expect in my class

Finding the joy. Even in the toughest of moments.

How I got into fitness

I have a dance background, so movement has always been a key piece of my connection to self. I started teaching Yoga and Pilates in my early twenties and found helping others make this connection especially rewarding.

Favourite way to sweat

Always something new – the less mentally comfortable I can be in an activity the more I can zero in on how the physicality connects me to different pieces of myself. Currently, this means a lot of running and speed work…or dance parties in my living room.


Eating large quantities of peanut butter

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