Rachel Lee

"Just finish the race." - Doc Rivers


Teaching Style

I take intention setting and implementation seriously, and the flow pretty playfully. Through yoga, you can unleash your athleticism, tame your breath and energy, and let the practice enhance other areas of your life. Yoga may be complex and rich in its history, but with openness to learn and a determined attitude, it is very approachable. I look for strength building, alignment, and connection as a teacher.

Qualifications & Accomplishments

-For my undergrad, I earned a full-ride scholarship and went to the RTA School of Media, reputed as one of the best media programs in the world and located just up the street from S&T. 

-I was hired on to work in investing and finance news before 3rd year ended, and worked constantly. I also had another part-time gig on a national cable network for nearly five years.

-I completed my yoga teacher training + mentorship while working full-time, and within two years of teaching had built relationships and community at five studios.

-I like keeping myself busy and moving at a fast-pace, but steadily sticking through with yoga was always important to me and soon it’ll be a decade since I first got started!

Song that’s currently on repeat?

Spirit – Sol Rising, Gyrefunk

What to expect in my class

This is going to sound a little foreign, but hear me out. Yoga was originally intended to prepare the body as a foundation for unity with the spirit. It is so much more than physical mastery. While we will be very focused on movement, we’re also working towards meditative awareness and breath control.

How I got into fitness

Honestly? YouTube. If you’re self-driven and want to make changes, health and fitness become easier to pursue and adapt to.

Favourite way to sweat

A 10K run because I can also then say I ran that much

Fun fact

I’m in a Dean Brody music video for a few seconds. YouTube “Can’t Help Myself”.

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