Rachael Fallon

I create a platform for you to explore deep visceral experiences through experiential breath-work, contemplative and intuitive movement, deep listening, and release work.




Teaching Style

A continuum of self-inquiry, interception, somatic awareness, all weaved together through ritual, connection, vulnerability and play.

I specialize in yoga for mental health leading  weekly meditation & breath work, yin, restorative, slow flow & vinyasa classes; along with workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings.

Qualifications & Accomplishments

In 2002 I began my teaching career with my background in both Yoga and Psychodynamic – Psychotherapy. After teaching yoga full time in Toronto for a decade, I was recruited to teach in Shanghai, at the largest yoga studio in China. That year became a decade of running retreats, yoga teacher trainings, workshops, festivals and living throughout  India, Nepal, China, Malaysia and Thailand which put me on the map as an international trainer.

Currently on repeat

DJ Mose’s Medicine Woman playlist on Soundcloud

What to expect in my class

Expect to play, feel, expand, release, let go, be empowered and challenged in new ways.

How I got into fitness

From the time I could walk, I have been playing with movement. I love to move, play, dance, and be free!

Favourite way to sweat

Ecstatic dance

Fun fact

I am a wanderlust Junkie

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