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He / Him

Teaching Style

I’m all about strength and endurance. My favorite thing about teaching Power Ride is that you pay attention to metrics. you get to physically see the numbers; the power you are able to put out, so next time you come back you can beat it!

Currently on repeat

Dominion [XCRPT Remix] – ShiShi

What to expect in my class

Get ready for some heavy hill climbs, and the fastest sprints you can give me

How I got into fitness

Sweat and Tonic was my gateway into Fitness. I was never a fan of group fitness until i became part of the community here – now I’ll never leave.  if you’re here enough – you’ll see me here everyday either behind the bike teaching a class, taking a HIIT class, or at the front desk.

Favourite way to sweat

Slow Burn, I have a love-hate relationship with this class. Its all about slow controlled movements that will make even the strongest tremble by the end.

Fun fact

The more you get to know me, the more you’ll learn that there isn’t anything I haven’t done or tried!

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