Nate Bower

I’m all about dope music, killer boxing, and conditioning drills. Expect endless variety, fun, and most importantly: results!


Teaching Style

Tough, motivational and highly creative mashups – AKA fluid versatility

Qualifications & Accomplishments

I always wanted to reach and inspire people to improve their fitness and wellness. Hitting the 16 million views mark on YouTube is an achievement I never expected. I guess people love to shred as much as I do! Next up is 50 million. #letsgo

Currently on repeat

Chris Brown & Drake – No Guidance, Q-tip – Vivrant Thing

What to expect in my class

Shred-making intensity

How I got into fitness

I had a co-worker tell me to stop wasting time in painting and construction, and do what I love. So I dropped the hammer and started my fitness business.

Favourite way to sweat



My ability to motivate

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