Lisa Damla

I want you to make EACH rep count and to learn that mentally, you CAN do it fully and until completion, because I promise, you’ll only walk out stronger than when you entered.



She / Her

Teaching Style

I train others how I’d train myself. I emphasize form and ensure each rep counts, focusing primarily on core and booty.

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • Studied biology & health science at Western University
  • CanFitPro Certified
  • Personal Trainer
Currently on repeat

I obsess over anything from today’s Rap Caviar, Old School Hip Hop & Rap, or House & EDM…I love to DJ, so whatever you guys vibe to is what I give. Currently, it’s Higher Love by Kygo & Whitney Houston

What to expect in my class

I’m going to push you – that’s why I am here! It’s really up to YOU to apply what I’m teaching…to really connect your mind to the muscle you’re working, in order to feel each movement. You will come back better than when you first started and that’s what it’s all about!

How I got into fitness

Being active has always been a passion of mine whether it was biking, rollerblading, climbing rocks & trees, or being part of various sports teams. In college, I developed a solid routine for regular training. People noticed and would ask me to help them, so I’d train them too! I reached a point where everything and everyone was encouraging me to make it a career, and I’m so happy with my decision. The fitness community is so strong and everyone is extremely positive and supportive.

Favourite way to sweat

Boxing. Feels so amazing to just give the bag your best shots. I’m also low-key competitive, so working out with someone who can keep up with my own workout and can push me to learn something new – bring it on!


Personal record of 135lb plates on my back while holding an elbow plank for 1 minute. I have also held a 10-minute plank after a full turf workout. Did I mention I love to plank?

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