Leila Panjvani




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Teaching Style

I coach with kindness. I love to move and explore, and throughout class I’ll give options so everyone can modify for their specific body. You won’t dread coming to class, you’ll have some fun, and you’ll leave feeling taller and lighter!

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • Reformer and Mat Pilates (9 years)
  • Yoga (5 years)
  • Resistance Training with Goal Setting (RTS I & II)
  • Neuromuscular Stability and Core Breath (Somatic Senses’ Prague School I, II, III)
  • Rocoa Athletics (Healthy Movement Workshop I)
  • Gentle Movement for Healthy Aging and Injury Prevention (Feldenkrais 12 week Workshop)
What to expect in my class

I coach people to rebuild and reconnect with their bodies. You will be encouraged to practice core-stabilizing breath as we progressively push towards greater strength and postural stability. My methods help with healthy aging and injury prevention, lessening stress, and feeling amazing.

How I got into fitness

I loved coaching my cousin’s frisbee team and a personal trainer friend guessed that I would mesh well with fitness. I have been exploring and teaching bodyweight and reformer exercises ever since!

Favourite way to sweat

Climbing and exploring hills and mountains. Swimming or canoeing.

I’ve got a keen ability to help others harness the power of possibility. If you crave it, you can create it!


Breath-work is my favourite part of exercising.

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