Leila Panjvani

Right here, right now, learning and breathing.




Teaching Style

Relaxing and burning at the same time

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • Mobility for healthy aging
  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Neuromuscular stability
  • Loaded resistance trainings
Currently on repeat
  • Rosalia
  • Sofi Tukker
  • Glass Animals
What to expect in my class

They call me the Angel of Death, so I’ll own it. Expect a no pressure, fun, and funky environment ready for challenging moving meditations. You’ll leave class with strengthened and more mobilized joints. The best kind of burn!

How I got into fitness

I bounced into fitness after coaching my cousin’s outdoor frisbee team. It was an easy spiral from there into movement pattern analysis and injury prevention studies. Pilates, yoga, and breathwork fall in line with a lot of my ideals. Teaching others to transform their movement patterns to ones that give them less pain is super rewarding and I’m very grateful for this career.

Favourite way to sweat

Sweating without joint pain, while getting lost in amazing music is the way!

Fun fact

Your body gets better at what you make it do. Are you sitting right now? 😉

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