Dustin Pym

Expect an inclusive environment that challenges you to grow. Add in bumping beats and hilarious truth bombs.






Teaching Style

Tough. Comedic. Energetic. Honest. Backed by science.

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • Session kinesiology instructor at University of Toronto (5 years running)
  • Professional choreographer
  • Movement nerd
  • Trained and worked with two gold medalists and tons of other world-class figure skaters
Music Styles
  • 80’s, 90’s, 2000, 2010 Hip-Hop/RnB
  • Pop, Current hip hop/RnB
  • House
  • 80’s
Currently on repeat

Dreamville – Revenge of the Dreamers or Ballin Flossin – Chance The Rapper.
Always 90s hip hop.

What to expect in my class

Science-backed workouts that emphasize movement quality, foundation, and creative movement

How I got into fitness

I’ve always been an athlete and a dancer. Movement is my life.

Favourite way to sweat

Strength training, calisthenics, dance, basketball


Empowering others to move!

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