Chrys Muszka

We can never become truly happy unless we ourselves undergo a personal transformation. - Daisku Ikeda




Teaching Style

Flow, slow flow, restorative, meditation

Qualifications & Accomplishments

My first yoga class was when I was 14 years old, and I’ve been practicing, and training ever since…That’s over 20 years ago. I completed my first Hatha & Vinyasa yoga teacher training in 2009, and since then I have trained in my many yoga styles, all over the world. I haven’t officially counted, but I probably have over 10,000 hours of yoga practice accomplished. Alongside my passion for yoga, meditation, and body movement, I’m also an herbalist, cacao facilitator and energy healer.

Currently on repeat

Naturaleza by Danit Mose edit

What to expect in my class

I teach my flow yoga classes enriched with personal inquiry and a balance of strength, stretch, and stability, while exploring progressive sequences. My meditation & restorative classes offer insightful philosophy, deep relaxation, and stillness. I seek to inspire my students to live authentic, holistic, and mindful lives, tapping into the interconnected fabric of consciousness.

How I got into fitness

I’ve been into fitness, and taking care of my body. As a kid, I did a handful of sports, as well as performance art. As I grew up, I kept a focus on looking after my body, and staying active. It also had lasting effects as I’ve been teaching yoga and movement for over 10 years!

Favourite way to sweat

I’m a fan of the outdoors, so I love a good bike ride, hike, or camping trip to really sweat. But in my personal workout I’m a fan of calisthenics, and using my own body weight to strength train.

What is your superpower?

I’m a little bit psychic.

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