Catherine Villar

Be grateful for life, as it always happens for us.




Teaching Style

My energy is contagious! I love sharing my obsession with intentional & powerful movements which invite you to remain present in my class, and unstoppable outside of my classes. A fusion of my dance background with physical challenges will leave you breathless and coming back for more.

Qualifications & Accomplishments
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, MBA from Schulich
  • American Council of Exercise – Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor
  • Schwinn Cycle
  • AquaFit
  • Canadian BodyBuilding Federation Bikini Champion
  • Reebok Step (for my OG 80s and 90s babies out there)
Currently on repeat

Beyonce, Drake & 90s hip hop!

What to expect in my class

Expect to smile through the burn, a graceful flow, and energy exchange. My goal is to be a CAT-alyst for your journey of daily growth – whether you learn about a muscle you thought you never had, or mental resilience as a byproduct of coming to Supercat’s class. Your presence in my class is my present!

How I got into fitness

One day my Latin cardio instructor got stuck in traffic during a snowstorm, and the general manager of the club picked me out of the class and threw the headset on me and said “I’ve seen you dance,” and that was 23 years ago and I’m still going!

Favourite way to sweat

Hot HIIT Pilates achieves equal balance of heart pumping high intensity movements topped off with functional core & postural benefits of Pilates… in the heat 🙂

Fun fact

My nickname is Supercat & my sidekick is my dog, Juanita Applebum. There’s a story behind her & being that friend who homes stray animals.

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