Cassandra Cooper

It's all fun & games to start, but you'll leave feeling annihilated.


Teaching Style

Sneaky assassin

Qualifications & Accomplishments

-Developed and led curriculum and format for yoga teacher training

-Certified in Pilates and Barre

Currently on repeat

Any track that Anna Lunoe puts out but loving 303 currently – ultimate girl-crush; ultimate dropper of the best beats

What to expect in my class

Bass-heavy beats that will force whatever ese is on your mind out, elevate you so that you can perform your absolute best, and keep you pushing right through to that final sprint. All of this is coupled with a lot of sweat, laughter and maybe a few actual tears

How I got into fitness

I was a competitive figure skater, played soccer, and was generally a competitive person. Yoga was the first discipline I got into that became a teaching outlet. From there, I continued to explore different forms of movement. I began teaching Pilates and Barre when I moved to Scotland, and then picked up indoor cycling. Each discipline has modified the way I approach teaching and holding space for growth for others.

Favourite way to sweat

It’s always changing, but right now it’s on a bike and on the treadmill

Fun fact

IT consultant by day, fitness instructor by night (or super early morning)…kind of like a superhero

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