Brian Palic

My fitness motto is an old classic:  if you want something badly enough, work for it and make it happen!



Teaching Style

Firm but fair – I push you to the edge of your limits but always give you a way to make it your own personal best.

Currently on repeat

Starry Night by Peggy Gou

What to expect in my class

Expect the unexpected! I’m constantly reworking playlists and workouts for both HIIT and Ride, so my people never know what’s next.

How I got into fitness

I used to weigh 250 lbs and was at an all-time low. My diet was awful and my workouts were always the same. I was stuck in a rut. Then I discovered indoor cycling and Crossfit. Now I’m a fitness professional have the opportunity to help other people on their own journeys.

Favourite way to sweat

I love a good metabolic conditioning workout.

Fun fact

I’m a full-time elementary teacher. Fitness is both my side hustle and my passion.

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