Angela Morley

True power comes from letting go of what's no longer serving you, so you have the space to practice what is



She / Her

Teaching Style

I teach fluid flows to music that moves you with a focus on proper alignment and staying true to yourself physically, emotionally and energetically throughout the practice.

Qualifications & Accomplishments

I completed my RYT-200 in 2013 and I immersed myself in teaching. I immersed myself so much I left my full time corporate job in 2018 to pursue the yoga life full time.  I’ve made my way into the top studios in the city, working alongside the best instructors in the city, in just over a year.  I’ll be heading back to (yoga) school to complete yin yoga training in February 2020.

Currently on repeat

Hand Me Downs from Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles

What to expect in my class

Expect to be challenged and pushed but in a way that honours your physical, emotional and energetic space.  Expect to laugh when I crack a joke because I notice you’re taking the practice too seriously.  Expect some solidarity from me during the parts that are hard, we’ll get through it together.  And expect me to create an experience that pushes past the physical practice to interact with your more subtle energies, because whether you intend it to be or not, this is a spiritual practice.

How I got into fitness

I was put in gymnastics as soon as I could walk and I competed on a national level until high school. I realized I wasn’t going to be an Olympian so I started competitive baseball and cheerleading.  In university I was jogging (which you will NOT catch me doing now unless I’m being chased) and independent workouts.  I moved into yoga and found my calling in 2009.  I still cross-train with weight lifting and my cardio has transitioned to spin classes.

Favourite way to sweat

Sipping an ice cold drink out of a coconut on the beach…oh that doesn’t count? Ninja yoga classes with Sheldon Shannon

Fun fact/Superpower

I’m a yogi…I move energy

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